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Hallowed Ground

Our World is dying.

It’s an irony that is lost on none of it’s inhabitants given that death by natural causes became obsolete so many years ago. Scientists stumbled upon the fountain of youth, a chemical that at first slowed, then eventually stopped the aging process in humans. In the clamor for immortality, no-one stopped to think of the consequences, what sort of damage may be wrought upon the planet. We all learned pretty quickly.

The population exploded, doubling, then tripling in under a decade. Picturesque neighborhoods were razed to ground to make way for skyscapers, architectural monstrosities that seemed to tear at the very fabric of the sky. Almost every inch of green space excavated and built upon, the goliath buildings all linked together by walkways as people stopped traversing the crime-ridden streets.

Weather patterns changed as the oxygen starved planet choked on it’s own fumes. Savage storms tore into the landscape, a perpetual smog lay over the city, the penthouse suites of the builidings, once the ivory towers of the fabulously rich, quickly became the homes for the poor and outcast, trapped as they were in the midst of the choking fog, all the windows offering grey views, the noxious gases slipping through cracks choking it’s inhabitants.

Decisions were made, the stockpiles of the immortality drug were destroyed, incinerated, the smoke from the fires rising into the already poisoned air, but the worst was yet to come. The first rainfall after the incineration started the process, the water sokaing into the only patches of bare earth that remained; the cemetries, left untouched as a mark of respect to those that had gone before, unable to benefit from our good fortune, at least that was how it seemed at first.

The drug that had given us eternal life had another effect that we hadn’t known existed, it re-animated dead tissue. The earth spewed out it’s dead and they were pissed, their everlasting sleep disturbed. They sought their revenge and preyed on the living, tearing through the populace at an alarming rate, each new rainfall bringing the newly dead back to life. We were outnumbered and we hid in our buildings, but they found their way in.

Our World is dying, and it seems only fitting that the dead are now in control.

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